About the Indian Sweets & Spices

We have been serving the community since 1986. We serve authentic Indian food with myriad blending of herbs and spices from all over India.India sweets and spices chai cafe serve traditional Indian food consisting of flavorful spices, rich curries, lentils, and other variations of freshly made rice and hand-made breads.Freshness is the key at India sweets N spices chai cafe, which sets us apart from other dining options in the local area. Over time, we have earned the reputation of serving mouthwatering Indian dishes that reflects our time honored traditional recipe bringing reminiscence of nostalgic home.We take pride and great care in providing our guests with a memorable experience. Our extensive menu features bountiful vegetarian and vegan food from North and south india. The other aim of this restaurant is to promote a healthy and vegetarian diet among the people while practically demonstrating how a vegetarian diet can have variety, taste, and health benefits. We also carry Indian, Sri Lankan, and Fiji products.

Our purpose is to enhance and broaden your experience with the finest Indian cuisine has to offer. So, drop us a visit, and mesmerize your adventurous palate with our enticing flavors and vibrant spices. For more details on the description of food, please see our menu. You can count on us to bring memorable Indian cuisine flair to your next gathering event. Find out more about catering.